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Custom Show Backing Tracks

Custom backing tracks can set your show apart from other similar shows out there.

We do many custom tracks and indeed complete shows for some of our customers, and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Tracks created in keys perfectly suited to the singer(s)
  • Custom arrangements of songs making them their own
  • Define the exact sound of the track
  • Same drums, bass, strings etc on each track to simulate 'real' band behind them (instead of tracks from everywhere and therefore many different snare drums, track volume, backing vocalists etc)

Custom tracks aren't as expensive as you think

Of course creating tracks from scratch is expensive, each track can take up to two full days to complete, which adds up. But, if you're interested in making changes to tracks we have already created, then the pricing is much, much lower. If you're looking at a new show, meaning multiple custom tracks, then it's cheaper still.

We can basically do anything. First step, send us an email and we can take it from there.

Contact us and ask questions if you have them.

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