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Click Tracks for Live Bands

One area of expertise in which we excel is creating click tracks for bands.

Many bands today rely on the use of click tracks for varying reasons; to thicken backing vocals, provide bass when no bass player, add layers to the keyboards or all of the aforementioned.

We have created click tricks now for many bands ranging from trios to full rock bands.

If you are thinking of using click tracks with your band there are a few things to consider the main one being what is the track going to do for you? If a band has a drummer and that's the main reason for the click tracks, there are a couple of options...

  • We can lay all the tracks down one side of a stereo image and the click down the other
  • OR
  • Which is becoming more popular, simply create a full track without bass drum, snare or crash cymbals. This leaves any high hats and percussion on the track which has the advantage of giving the drummer a rhythm to keep time to, as well as ensuring that you are still recreating the song as faithfully to the original as you can and avoid difficult mic settings.
Contact us and ask questions if you have them.

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